The fund fills void in real estate finance market, pays 12% preferred distribution to investors

Orlando, Florida: Legion Financial Group, a venture capital firm and private fund manager managed by noted venture capital executive Jim Byrd and President Brad Hilton of the famed Hilton Hotel family, announced it has launched its newest venture fund, Legion High Yield Mortgage Fund, a $25 million real estate and mortgage fund to finance property acquisition, renovation and rent.

“The U.S. Real Estate Market is experiencing a sustained recovery , with home equity has nearly doubled since 2011. However, banks are still not lending money to builders and developers – creating a huge void in the market for real estate finance” stated Jim Byrd, Legion Chairman and CEO. “This creates a great opportunity for investors looking for secured income in the current volatile market environment”.

The Fund targets the growing demand for real estate finance in this expanding market. It will provide short term (6-24 month) loans, secured by mortgages on qualified real estate, to developers, builders and real estate entrepreneurs. Typical loan terms are 2% to 4% origination fee plus 14-16% annualized interest, as well as a 3-5% profit participation in the acquisition and ultimate resale or monetization of the financed property.

The fund pays a 12% preferred annual cash distribution to investors, payable monthly.

“This fund was formed as a response to tight bank lending practices during the recession. Those same conditions continue today, providing rewarding opportunities for investors,” says Brad Hilton, President and Director (Grandson of iconic American Hotelier Conrad Hilton). “We believe the fund will appeal to investors looking to earn steady secured income with relatively low risk.”

The fund will be managed by Byrd, Hilton and Legion Co-Founder and renowned marketing expert Shane Hackett.

About Legion Financial Group

Legion is a venture capital, advisory and management firm that invests in high growth businesses and industries through its two venture funds, the Legion Select Venture Fund and the Legion High Yield Mortgage Fund, and also manages a private equity company, Legion Capital Corporation, which operates companies in finance and education.

For more information on Legion, visit or call (888) 403-FUND.

Investment performance is not guaranteed and losses are possible.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase securities. An offer of sale can be made only by the fund’s offering documents and should be read carefully before investing. Investors may obtain offering documents by contacting Legion Financial Group. Such an offer can only be made through the Offering Documents. Available to accredited investors only, qualification required.