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Whether you are a novice, a veteran cryptocurrency trader, or simply intrigued by this market and want to trade, the Hilton Institute of Business has made it easy for you by offering a subscription service (Monthly or Annually) that allows you to get the latest, most up to date cryptocurrency trading signals on the most tradeable currencies week in and week out.  

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Our Goal is to Provide Exceptional Crypto Trading Signals to Our Members
Our team has been providing a stellar 90% accuracy rate

Who is HIB and Hilton Blockchain Systems?

The Hilton Institute of Business is the foremost business education company in the world. No matter where you are in the world, you can connect with life and business changing strategies. Hilton Institute of Business was founded by J. Bradley Hilton of the world famous Hilton Hotel family.  It is the desire of our visionary founder J. Bradley Hilton to mentor business owners and individuals with powerful content through a variety of digital, online and remote learning methods. Our online learning environment utilizes the latest digital developments to ensure a fully immersive online training and learning experience in a group of like minded investors who understand the importance of owning and growing bitcoin and altcoins on a continued basis. We strive as a team to provide current and accurate information to help our members make the correct decisions when it comes to growing value in the crypto world. Hilton Institute is dedicated to maintaining integrity in our organization as well as providing recommended vehicles to propel our members to economic independence.

Our Mission

At the Hilton Institute, we understand that without our subscribers and trading participants, there is no future for us. Our utmost focus to our members is honesty and transparency. If our clients request a refund for any reason, consider it done. If a daily trade is questionable and not in their best interest, we will not recommend it. If a subscriber requests a withdraw, we honor it immediately.

Our Team

It was once said, “That all organizations rise and fall on leadership.” Here at the Hilton Institute we have an expert team of seasoned currency traders with an astounding track record to provide daily trade options to bolster your success. Our trading team is tempered with global minded visionaries who understand the changing dynamics of digital currency and jurisdictional requirements. These traits, coupled with a leadership group that has a heart for people, gives you a trading team who is equipped with the tools necessary to meet your portfolio objectives.

About J. Bradley Hilton & Hilton Institute of Business: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Systems
J. Bradley Hilton of the Hilton Hotel Family serves as President of Legion Capital Corporation. Legion is a private equity firm that buys and builds companies in growth industries, as well as buys and manages real estate and developments. Brad also was instrumental in the creation of the Hilton Institute of Business, a subsidiary of Legion Capital, and the foremost small business education company in the world.

As the former IT Project Manager at Hilton Hotels Corporation, Brad is a visionary with a great deal of experience in the technology space. It is in this space he has found not just the latest, yet one of the most significant opportunities he has seen in business. That opportunity is blockchain and the current potential it presents for all of us through cryptocurrency. 

About Cryptocurrency Trader Mike Kelley 
Mike Kelley is one of the most highly recognized Cryptocurrency Traders in the world. Mike started with a $20 trading account and traded his way to over $2,000,000 in profits in less than 18 months using his own proprietary trading strategy that he will be teaching to thousands of people and traders all over the world.

“I have created a fundamental trading system that produces profits in multiple cryptocurrencies with almost incredible accuracy and we are excited to share it with others to build wealth,” explained trader Mike Kelley.  In addition to trading strategies, MIke teaches how he has purchased homes (five homes, in fact), cars and paid taxes with cryptocurrency. 


Learn How The Daily Crypto Signals Are Created And Delivered To You In Real Time

How We Make Our Picks 

Our seasoned staff use proven trading tools and state of the art bots to provide trade signals with accuracy rates as high as 90%. Our crypto experts use the time tested indicator, Bollinger Bands®, to measure the volatility of select cryptocurrencies and determine the best ones to acquire. Using Bollinger Bands, we capitalize on identifying tops and bottoms that we turn into buy and sell signals for our members. We also use the exponential moving average (EMA) paired with the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator to execute timely trades with pinpoint accuracy. Lastly, our traders are shown how to add a final confirmation for accuracy using Fibonacci Bollinger Bands on nearly every trade.

Target Profits

2018 has seen extraordinary gains in the cryptocurrency market. Some coins have experienced same day gains over 100% with one coin even increasing 337% in a single day!  Coins that double in value overnight are certainly not the norm. and traders can get into trouble fast swinging for the fences on every trade. That is why our experts use an approach that centers on consistency and protecting profits. Traders that subscribe to our signal service benefit from strategies designed to achieve gains upward of 1 to 5% or more per trade.  It is not usual to see some trading accounts are realizing profits that range from 30% to 90% per month with minimal risk to trading capital but, obviously, not guaranteed as there is always risk in trading.

Target Signals

Trade signals are sent to our members in real time. You can set the number of trade signals you receive based on your trading style. All of our signals are sent using the free mobile and desktop app, Telegram. The monthly subscription entitles each  member up to 15-20 picks every month that can be used to scalp, day trade or even swing trade cryptocurrencies. 15-20 picks not enough? We have more advanced programs for high frequency traders. Call 888-791-0042 to learn more.


Sign Up Today To Get Access to Our Crypto Trading Daily Picks. 




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