Hilton Institute Announces Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Service

Hilton Institute Announces Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Service

Learn how the Daily Crypto Signals are created and delivered to you in real time.

How We Make Our Picks 

Our seasoned staff use proven trading tools and state of the art bots to provide trade signals with accuracy rates as high as 90%. Our crypto experts use the time tested indicator, Bollinger Bands®, to measure the volatility of select cryptocurrencies and determine the best ones to acquire. Using Bollinger Bands, we capitalize on identifying tops and bottoms that we turn into buy and sell signals for our members. We also use the  Exponential Moving Average (EMA) paired with the Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator to execute timely trades with pinpoint accuracy. Lastly, our traders are shown how to add a final confirmation for accuracy using Fibonacci Bollinger Bands on nearly every trade.

Target Profits

2018 has seen extraordinary gains in the cryptocurrency market. Some coins have experienced same day gains over 100% with one coin even increasing 337% in a single day!  Coins that double in value overnight are certainly not the norm. Traders can get into trouble fast swinging for the fences on every trade. That is why our experts use an approach that centers on consistency and protecting profits. Traders that subscribe to our signal service yield consistent gains of 5% or more per trade.  Trading accounts are seeing profits that range from 30% to 90% per month with minimal risk to trading capital.

Target Signals

Trade signals are sent to our members in real time. You can set the number of trade signals you receive based on your trading style. All of our signals are sent using the free mobile and desktop app, Telegram. The monthly subscription entitles each  member up to 15-20 picks every month that can be used to scalp, day trade or even swing trade cryptocurrencies. 15-20 picks not enough? We have more advanced programs for high frequency traders. Call 888-791-0042 to learn more.

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