Hilton Institute Announces Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Training and Services

Hilton Institute Announces Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Training and Services

Hilton Institute of Business has added to its business training with the formation of Hilton Blockchain Systems.  

The company will provide education, training and services on blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies.  

About J. Bradley Hilton & Hilton Blockchain Systems

J. Bradley Hilton of the Hilton Hotel Family serves as President of Legion Capital Corporation. Legion is a private equity firm that buys and builds companies in growth industries, as well as buys and manages real estate and developments. Brad also was instrumental in the creation of the Hilton Institute of Business, a subsidiary of Legion Capital, and the foremost small business education company in the world.

As the former Chief Information Officer of Hilton Hotels, Brad is a visionary with a great deal of experience in the technology space. It is in this space he has found not just the latest, yet one of the most significant opportunities he has seen in business. That opportunity is blockchain and the current potential it presents for all of us through cryptocurrency.

Mr. Hilton and his hand picked blockchain/cryptocurrency expert Mike Kelley will be in attendance to discuss this incredible opportunity, our cryptocurrency trading philosophy, how you can participate alongside of us and to personally meet with those in attendance.

About Cryptocurrency Trader Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley is one of the most highly recognized Cryptocurrency Traders in the world. Mike started with a $20 trading account and traded his way to over $2,000,000 in profits in less than 18 months using his own proprietary trading strategy that he will be teaching to thousands of people and traders all over the world.

“I have created a fundamental trading system that produces profits in multiple cryptocurrencies with almost incredible accuracy and we are excited to share it with others to build wealth,” explained trader Mike Kelley.
In addition to trading strategies, MIke teaches how he has purchased homes (five homes, in fact), cars and paid taxes with cryptocurrency.

“Mike Kelley is hands down the best cryptocurrency trader that I have found and I’m excited for others to hear his story and learn the wealth trading strategies that has made him a multimillionaire”. – J. Bradley Hilton

Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • What has happened, is happening and what the future holds in the cryptocurrency market

  • Why Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg and how to spot other tradeable cryptocurrencies

  • Our trading strategies that have been back tested and proven to predict movement in the cryptocurrency market with up to 98% accuracy

  • An opportunity for attendees to utilize our trading strategies (buy/sell signals) created through our proprietary tools

  • The potential events we are watching that could trigger significant price movement in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies we are targeting

  • The steps EVERYONE should take RIGHT NOW to create and build wealth with our favorite cryptocurrencies


For more information on Hilton Blockchain Systems, visit www.HiltonInstitute.com

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